Yes You Can Wear Trainers To Work by Hannah Rochell

Posted on January 04 2020

Yes You Can Wear Trainers To Work by Hannah Rochell

It’s 2020 everyone! And workwear ain’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable at the desk, desperate to take off our ties/cufflinks/stilettos as the clock strikes 6pm. Most of us are now lucky enough to be able to rock up to the office in a far more casual get-up than even this time ten years ago. Even in the smartest of boardrooms, if you choose wisely, you can get away with the ultimate in comfy, cool footwear: trainers.


There are a few tricks and tips to making sneakers work at work, and these go for guys and girls alike. First, and although it sounds obvious it’s definitely worth stressing: don’t just pair your grubby gym runners with a suit and think you’ll be able to get away with it. Your boss is well within their rights to expect you to look well put together and not have slightly stinky feet because you never could quite get the stench out after Tough Mudder. You want your shoes to look considered, and not like you forgot to pack the pair you actually intended to wear after your early spin class. Your work trainers should be exactly that: stylish, clean and appropriate.


Second, avoid anything with bright garish colours or knitted uppers, and instead stick to classic black leather - if you get it right your subtle sneaks can look just as smart as a pair of Oxfords or loafers, and chances are no one will even notice you’re not wearing something more traditional. Also, look for a smart matching black sole and laces, like Yogi Footwear’s Rufus with its inky crepe sole, which dilutes the sporty connotations. For those lucky enough to have a dress code that’s a little less strict, I’d also advocate wearing white leather trainers to work. In my opinion, nothing looks better with a sharp suit and it gives you the option of picking some tailoring in a more interesting colour than navy, grey or black.


Finally, think about the shape of the shoe. A simple tennis shoe style is best in my opinion, as opposed to a runner or a more futuristic chunky silhouette. If you’re wearing trousers, the hem will fall much more nicely over the top of a tennis shoe because of its smooth, minimal lines. Classic kicks like this are also a really good option to wear with a skirt; I’ve worn them with all sorts of lengths and styles, from A-line minis to pleated midis, and there’s nothing they don’t look good with. As you can see, I’ve also experimented with wearing high tops - here I’m wearing Yogi Footwear’s Winstone style - and although it’s a bolder look it’s still office appropriate.


So next time your brogues are pinching and you need some new shoes that are smart enough for suits and more comfortable for your commute, why not promote the idea of wearing something a bit different to work? Your feet will thank you for it.


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